What type of spender are you?

Do you know what type of spender you are?spender

We all know that one person who spends all their wages as soon as they’ve been paid, the friend that never wants to go to the pub and spend money on a few pints, and the one who annoyingly boasts about their win on the horse races. But do you know what type of a spender you are? Recognising your habits and attitudes towards spending money can really help you change your financial situation for the better! So here they are..


The Spender

Our first character is ‘The Spender’. This person loves to spend their money as soon as it gets into their account. Thriving off the buzz of spending money and the gratification it fills them with, The spender is constantly on the look out for what new item they can buy! For them, spending is their ‘must do’ activity and there’s no stopping them!


The Keeper

Here we have the complete opposite to previous. This character hates to spend their money and will do anything to keep all their pounds and pennies firmly in their bank. Afraid to let go of their cash, The Keeper is likely to turn down having fun with friends in the fear of spending money and will miss out on great experiences at the expense of keeping hold of their money.


The Money Monk

Money to this character is almost like dirt, and they want very little to do with it. Although they know they need it to live, the Money Monk would rather have someone else help them manage their finances than having to oversee them themselves.


The Chancer

Compared to our last character, The Chancer is a completely different kind of person. Here they want nothing more than to share with everyone how much they have and love the excitement of a high-risk deal with the hope of a big win. Not keeping track of losses, but shouting from the roof tops of their wins, The Chancer is not shy to share their news and loves to brag of their returns.


The Avoider

A bit like our Chancer, The Avoider is made anxious by the thought of having to deal with money and avoids looking at bank statements, engaging in conversations regarding money and the overall thought of the matter. However, avoiding a money related issue can only make the situation worse, and the Avoider can find themselves in a never ending cycle.


The Grower

Unlike others, The Grower wants to have money and watch it grow with the aim of a long term benefit. Investing their money into businesses, children’s education and property is the main motivation for The Grower and would much rather delay instant gratification for a long term reward.


Money Master

Finally, we have our last category the ‘Money Master’. This character is the ultimate goal for many; to be able to save for the future and spend in the present with great balance. They enjoy what they have and don’t worry about what they don’t. Sounds great, doesn’t it?



So which money spender are you then? The hoarder or high roller? We want to know!

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