Junior Savings

Junior savings
It’s never too young to start

Junior savings accounts are for children aged under 16 years of age whose parents, guardians or grandparents are members of the bank.

It’s tempting to spend all your pocket money, but its better to save some too.  If you’re given cash for your birthday you may be tempted to spend it all.  Always remember that some of the cash may come in useful in the future, so it’s wise to save some of it.  In fact if you know your going to get money for your birthday, ask them to give you a cheque and then you will be less likely to spend it.

By saving some of your money you are less likely to spend it on things you don’t need.  You can then save up for something you really need or would like.

When you leave home you may want to save for a holiday, car or for a deposit on a house.  Eventually you may also want to save for your retirement.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Save from as little as you wish, it could be a few pence a week
  • Some schools operate in-school savings collection points
  • Easy to access and no penalties for withdrawals
  • Ideal for encouraging children to start saving from an early age to get them into the savings habit.

Information about Child Trust Funds and Junior ISA