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Help your employees save as they earn.



The benefits of offering Payroll Savings to your team.

In todays’ competitive market place, employers need to find new, cost effective, and innovative ways to set themselves apart.

And what better way to do this than providing a staff benefit that not only appeals to your employees, but is also good for your business and your community.

Along with competitive pay and a good working environment, employees may look for attractive benefits packages as an important factor when choosing where to work.  While other benefits may cost money to employers, partnering with a reputable credit union won’t cost a penny – but adds value for employees.

Credit unions provide a range of financial services, from easy access savings accounts, to low rate personal loans – and through Payroll Savings schemes, employees can access these services directly via their salary.

The process of setting up a partnership with DCB is simple and we can provide all promotional material such as posters, newsletters, web content, and leaflets.

A financially stable workforce results in less absenteeism, less turnover in staff, and lower employer benefits costs. In other words – partnering with a credit union can have a positive impact for any company.

Here are some of our Employer partners currently offering their staff the benefits of DCB Payroll Savings:

  • Amber Valley Borough Council
  • Derby City Council
  • Derbyshire County Council
  • Derbyshire Dales District Council
  • Erewash Borough Council
  • Derby Quad

If you are an employer and wish to offer this as a staff benefit, please contact us.



What are the benefits of saving direct from my pay?

Saving direct from your pay can offer a buffer if things go wrong when you least expect them.  Even a small amount of savings can soften the blow and help you avoid resorting to expensive borrowing.

Features & Benefits:

You’re in control – Save as much or as little as you like

Access to your money – No penalties for withdrawing your money, you can take it out whenever you want

Watch your money growdividends are paid annually (dependent on the financial position of the bank)

Manage your account your wayonline, in branch or by phone

Easy to pay in – an agreed amount is deducted by your payroll department and paid straight to your community bank account

Ethical savings – by saving with the bank you are allowing other local people to borrow who would otherwise be unable to access high street lending.

Important information:

As a member the maximum you can save with us is £15,000.


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