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School uniform is undoubtedly the biggest cost associated with sending your children to School. So getting the best value for money is imperative.

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Who Are We?

As a financial not-for-profit co-operative. Derbyshire Community Bank is ‘owned’ by the 4,000 members who save and borrow with the credit union. Unlike a conventional bank, a Credit Union is run by the people who use it. All of our adult members can vote on decisions at our Annual General Meeting or volunteer for one of our committees or board.

The board of directors are unpaid volunteers and bring their skills and experience to the running of the credit union and ensure compliance with our statutory duties.

We have 9 staff at our office in Derby who manage the day-to-day operation led by our CEO Phil Cole.

What do we do?

We offer a full range of banking services, including savings accounts, as well as loans that carry a rate of interest that is highly competitive with other institutions.  We offer online banking, where Members are able to manage their money online, check balances and apply for loans.

We encourage everyone to save regularly, even a small amount, and those savings are lent back exclusively to credit union members in our community. As part of our ethos, we do what we can to help people manage their money.

Credit unions are for everyone in our community, regardless of income. For this reason we especially provide essential financial services to many people who would otherwise be financially excluded and susceptible to loan sharks and sub-prime lenders.

“Derbyshire Community Bank is on a journey, and hopefully our Members will join us in that as we continue to grow, improve our services and change lives” 

Phil Cole, CEO.

Payroll Savings & Loans

Payroll Savings & Loans are offered to employees of partner organisations as a staff benefit. This enables employees to save and access affordable loans in an easy, hassle-free way. You specify the amount you wish to save and this is deducted from your salary via your employer’s payroll and transferred directly into your account with us. If you wish to apply for a loan then the repayments are made in the same way.



Stop Loan Sharks

Stop Loan Sharks investigates and prosecutes illegal money lenders and provides support for borrowers in the UK.

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