A range of savings products to suit everyone. For more details, a list of our different savings accounts are listed below.

General Savings

Saving for those special moments.

Every DCB account comes with a regular savings account as standard.

A basic savings account to save in for any reason you like.  You can set up a regular deposit to save as much as you can, as often as you can with the option to change the amount you save or stop whenever you need to.

Join today to start saving for that rainy day, an unexpected bill or future special events like holidays, weddings etc.

Junior Savings

Junior savings accounts are for children under 18 years of age whose parents, guardians or grandparents are members of the bank.

Encourage those young people in your life to get into a savings habit from as early an age as possible. It’s tempting to spend all your pocket, birthday and Christmas money, but it’s better to save some too.

Other junior savings accounts include Junior ISA (currently closed to new applicants, our 2022/2023 interest rate for members with an existing Junior ISA is 1%) & Child Tax Fund accounts (ended by the government in 2011).

Christmas Savings

It’s never too early to plan ahead!

Many of us are left with a hefty bill after the fun of Christmas.

This Christmas savings club is designed to help you save throughout the year so that you can avoid the New Year headache from over-spending.

The earlier you can start saving, the better.  Even if it’s a little each week, it can make a huge difference.

Access restricted until October each year.

Goal Saver

Whether that’s a dream holiday, home improvements or even a little extra money for a great Christmas or big family celebration. But, when it comes down to it, how many of us actually stick to a savings plan?

This online and mobile only account lets you set your own personal goals, manage your savings directly and track progress towards your target. If you have more than one goal in mind, you’ve the option to set up 10 in total.

Click the button below for our full page & tutorial video.

Savings Goal Image

Individual Savings Accounts – ISA’s

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our cash ISA is currently CLOSED to new applicants.

You can avoid paying tax on at least some of your savings by choosing a cash individual savings account (ISA) rather than a standard account as interest paid on a cash ISA is tax free.

The annual ISA limit for the tax year is £20,000 which can be paid into a cash ISA, a stocks and shares ISA or a combination of the two.  However, our savings limit is £15,000.

2022/23 ISA interest rate for existing members is 1%

Corporate Accounts

Derbyshire Community Bank accepts corporate membership from organisations that are based in Derbyshire.

This is a great way for local organisations through their corporate social responsibility agenda to support their local community by adding to the pot that local people can borrow from hopefully helping them to avoid the use of high interest, payday or loan shark lenders.

Many organisations encounter staff who use these types of lenders and end up getting into significant debt.  They then come to their employer for help.  By supporting Derbyshire Community Bank we can continue to grow the help we provide for Members across Derbyshire.


Payroll Savings

A hassle free way to build up your savings by direct deduction from your pay into your DCB account!

If your employer is a payroll partner with the credit union, all you have to do is join the bank and then notify your payroll department how much you want to save each month and it is deducted from your pay and paid direct to your account with DCB.  You can then download our mobile APP and sit back and watch your savings grow.

Save as you earn – deducted at source so you can forget about it until you need it.

Features and Benefits

Access to your money – there are no penalties for withdrawing money, so you can take it out whenever you want

Watch your money grow – dividends are paid annually but are dependent on the financial position of the bank

Manage your account your way – online, in branch or by telephone

Pay in to suit you – by cash, cheque, standing order, payroll deduction or by paying in a benefit of your choice

Ethical savings – by saving with the bank you are allowing other local people to borrow who would otherwise be unable to access high street lending.


Dividend & Interest Rates

  • As a financial co-operative we do not pay interest in the same way as most savings accounts.
  • We pay an annual dividend subject to the financial position of the bank, which is set at the AGM.
  • We only pay interest on Cash ISA, Junior ISA, & Child Tax Fund accounts.
  • Interest is paid annually and the rate is set by the Board of Directors.
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Nice and helpful staff, great bank 👍👍
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Very kind and helpful staff who go above and beyond to make fast decisions when helping people in a crisis. I would highly recommend as I have used thier services for years.
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Opening my Credit Union account is the best financial decision I have ever made! Real people treat me as a human being and enable me to make sound decisions such as those who are now helping me to rebuild my financial status. They do this whilst enabling me to bank with the ability to exercise all the options of a clearing bank but without their various attempts to exploit me. Banking with a human face does not begin to describe how good DCB is in my life.
Kc Hopkinson
DCB is an easy reliable place with real people interested in helping you out in dire situations or even if it’s just make sure your a bit more financially safer, their APR isn’t over the top like Provident so borrowing and paying back are relatively the same amount and they even provide you a service buy paying back a little extra you store credit up so once you’ve payed up you can have your savings which makes it feel like little bonus making life easier as you don’t have to borrow again straight away. I’ve been with DCB for years now and can honestly say I’ve never been disappointed.
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Can’t fault the service from DCB. Always have a laugh with the ladies who answer the phone to me. Keep it up 😊😊
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Absolutely amazing. Always been great with me. The staffs customer service skills are fabulous and go above and beyond to help and sort your query. Would highly recommend them. Thankyou derbyshire Community bank keep up the good work 💪
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