School Essential Saving Tips

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Posted by: Phil Cole
Posted on: 31/05/2023

The cost of kitting kids ready for new school terms can soon mount up, especially uniforms for growing children, plus don’t forget the PE kits and school trips. So here are our tips for keeping the cost under control:

  • Budget. Work out how much you might need for school uniforms this year, don’t forget sports equipment and coats. Is your child having a growth spurt and likely to grow out of their shoes and clothes soon? Some kids are just hard-wearing and need replacements more frequently.
  • Change when they get home. Keep the uniform for school only so it doesn’t get so worn out.
  • Supermarket trousers, shirts and skirts can be good value.
  • Second-hand is OK. Ask if your school sells second-hand school blazers and other uniform items.
  • Ask your friends. Do your friends have uniform their kids have grown out of already?
  • Spend more. We don’t often suggest this, but sometimes spending a bit more on good quality, durable shoes may be better value than cheap shoes that wear out and need replacing frequently.
  • Oversize. Buy the next size up – they will soon grow into it!
  • Cool is not cool. Wearing the most expensive trainers for school isn’t necessary. Keep your best trainers for wearing outside of school.

How Derbyshire Community Bank can help

Regular Savings. Saving just a small amount regularly with credit union will soon grow into a tidy sum ready to spend on school uniforms.

A loan from Derbyshire Community Bank could help spread the cost of school uniforms this year. Don’t forget, you can use Child Benefit to repay your loan and keep saving.

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