Budgeting jam jar Account

Budgeting jam jar account
Manage your money with a Derbyshire Community Bank Budgeting jam jar Account

DCB offers this account to help members who may need help managing their money.

The budgeting jam jar account can be set up to pay bills such as your council tax, gas, electric, water, etc. and then what’s left over can be paid into your main account on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis so that you can budget your money more easily. This account ensures your priority bills are paid on time and any spare cash is spread over the remaining period before your next benefit payment.

The fees for this account are £4.00 for up to six transactions – a lot less than the charges you will incur if you get into debt with your bills. If you have more than six bills to pay then there is an addition £2.00 for up to an additional four transactions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pay priority bills on time, every time
  • We set it up for you – just provide the bills you need paying, tell us how much and how often – and we do the rest
  • Bills paid direct from your account
  • Avoids getting into arrears with your bills and the costly charges you can incur
  • What’s left over can be spread equally over the month so you can budget your money – or have it all at once – it’s entirely up to you.

Contact us today if your think this account would suit your needs.

Important information:

You have to be a member of the bank to take advantage of this account.


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