Corporate Accounts

Corporate accounts
Corporate Investment Accounts

Derbyshire Community Bank accepts corporate membership from organisations that are based in Derbyshire.

This is a great way for local organisations through their corporate social responsibility agenda to support their local community by adding to the pot that local people can borrow from hopefully helping them to avoid the use of high interest, payday or loan shark lenders.

Many organisations encounter staff who use these types of lenders and end up getting into significant debt.  They then come to their employer for help.  By supporting Derbyshire Community Bank we can continue to grow the help we provide for Members across Derbyshire.

Features & Benefits:

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Total deposits up to £15,000
  • Potential dividend payment – performance-based with no guarantee
  • FCA & PRA regulated
  • FSCS protection

Contact us today for further details.

Important information:

Organisation must be based in Derbyshire.

Further information:

DCB corporate account terms & conditions

DCB corporate membership application form


Staff Benefits

Responsible employers are always looking for ways to provide staff benefits to their employees. Financial worries are a huge concern to employers and workers alike. Debt can cause stress and depression which can lead to reduced productivity or even absences.

Staff benefits

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