Dormant Accounts

We’re on a mission to help Derbyshire save regularly; saving can be really difficult with the pressures of life, but we know that building up a savings pot can make all the difference when emergencies occur.

We recommend all our Members save £12 monthly (that’s about £3 week). 12 months of saving regularly means you have about £150.

That’s why we contact our Members if they aren’t saving with us. After 6 months we will send an email or letter; you may have moved away or forgotten about your credit union account! After 12 months with no transactions on the account we will mark the account as dormant. This means that nobody else can access your savings. We will however charge a £5 annual dormancy fee.

If we contact you

If you do receive an email or letter from us you have some options:

  1. Start saving £12/month or £3/week with us
    1. just set up a standing order
    2. tell your employer if you work for one of our Payroll Partners
    3. you can pay benefits into your DCBank account.
  2. Apply for a loan. All our borrowers save-as-they-repay, so you will building up savings as you repay your loan
  3. Close your account – just let us know if you don’t need us anymore, we understand that circumstances change
  4. Donate to our fund – we use donations to support Members who are struggling
  5. Do nothing – £5 dormancy fee will be deducted each year until your credit union savings reach £0 and your account will be closed

Want to reactivate your Dormant account?

  1. Contact us
  2. We will require proof of ID, just to be sure your account hasn’t been hacked
  3. Start saving and/or apply for a loan

Deceased Members

Sadly some of our Members pass away. Please see our Deceased Members Procedure if you have received a dormancy letter for a Member who has recently died.