Gambling Support

Do you feel worried or affected by your own gambling or the gambling of a loved one? There is help and support available.

What is gambling?

The Gambling Act (2005) defines gambling as betting, gaming, or participating in a lottery. This can include but is not limited to arcades, betting online, at an event or high street bookmakers, bingo, casino, lotteries, and gaming machines.

Gambling can lead to problems for some individuals and their families, and can affect many areas of your life. If you are unsure whether you are gambling safely – try this self-assessment tool from GamCare.

“When you first suggested there was a reason for my gambling, I thought that was a mad idea. Now I’ve learnt there was a reason – I gambled to escape feeling sad and afraid. The choice was gambling or suicide. Now I’ve learned how to face my feelings I don’t need to escape. Thank you. GamCare has saved my life.

Gambling Support

Are you struggling with a gambling addiction and looking for some expert help or know of a family/friend who is struggling?

Whether you’re seeking support in Derbyshire or the UK in general, There are various Gambling Support services around online and locally.