Our Christmas Survey 23/24

For those who didn’t get to fill our survey in, click the link below! We also have some of our results below from members & the public

Thanks to all our Members for Filling in our Survey!

Thank you to all members for taking part in our Christmas survey, the feedback and data on our services around Christmas has been more than helpful to us to connect with our members & improve for future events. Our aim was to get a better insight of how our members feel about Christmas? Whether they overspend at this time of year?

Below we have calculated some of the vital questions within our survey to show you as a summary how our members deal with the busy festive season!

How are our members feeling about Christmas this year?

  • 28.89% are looking forward to Christmas  
  • 28.89% are feeling more anxious about Christmas 
  • 20.00% are not prepared at all for Christmas 
  • 8.89% are not thinking about Christmas yet
  • 6.67% are all set and prepared 

How will our members pay for Christmas this year?

  • 24.44% will pay for Christmas from their December pay packet/benefits/pension.
  • 22.22% will take out a loan to spread the cost of Christmas
  • 17.78% are putting money aside at home
  • 11.11% can’t afford to pay for Christmas
  • 8.89% will not be spending extra at Christmas
  • 8.89% will be saving for Christmas with a Credit Union
  • 2.22% will pay for Christmas on a credit card
  • 4.44% – Other

Do our members tend to overspend at Christmas?

  • 22.22% – Yes
  • 64.44% – No
  • 13.33% – If Yes, Why

From our Members explanations, they tend to overspend due to circumstances such as the pressure and extra spend with having children, excitement of sale offers and temptations which we all fall for in life. Members do not plan to overspend but it can happen due to all expenses at this time of year. However there are ways to help support you at this time of year with our Christmas Tips & possibly opening a Christmas Saver.

Have our members saved throughout the year for Christmas?

  • 46.67% – No
  • 17.78% – Yes
  • 17.78% have looked at saving but can’t afford it
  • 8.89% have saved a little
  • 6.67% have separate savings accounts for Christmas
  • 2.22% – other

  What savings? If any, do you plan to make this Christmas?

  • 35.56% plan on cutting down on presents
  • 17.78% don’t plan on making any savings
  • 15.56% will spend less on food & drink
  • 11.11% will spend less on going out
  • 11.11% – Other
  • 8.89% will spend less on decorations & cards

How are our members feeling about Christmas this year?

  • 28.89% are looking forward to Christmas
  • 28.89% are feeling more anxious about Christmas this year
  • 20.00% are not prepared at all this year
  • 8.89% are not thinking about Christmas very much
  • 6.67% are all set and prepared early
  • 6.67% – Other

How will our members be spending Christmas this year?

  • 84.44% will be spending Christmas at home with close family
  • 8.89% – Other
  • 4.44% will be spending Christmas alone
  • 2.22% will be spending Christmas with friends