FAQ – Payroll Savings

Corporate Savings – Interested in Payroll deductions? Becoming a Partner?

Derbyshire Community Bank accepts corporate memberships from organisations that are based in Derbyshire

1. Open a corporate account using the ‘join now’ form.
2. We will contact you for verification of your organisation and appointed signatories
3. We set up your account and issue your Membership number
4. Deposit funds into your account

1. Corporate Social Responsibility
2. Support local social enterprise
3. Dividend paid on savings (dependent upon performance and is not guaranteed. 1% paid in 2023)
4. Deposit up to £20,000
5. Your money is safe. For most organisations, your savings are covered by the Financial Services Compensations Scheme (FSCS)
6. Employee financial wellbeing – your people can join as a Member and enjoy the benefits
7. Payroll deduction – enable your employees to save directly from their payslip