Refer a Friend for a Loan Scheme

Refer a friend for a loan and receive up to £25!

Subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

1)The borrower must be APPROVED for a promo loan anywhere between £100 – £3000, in order for you as the referrer to receive the financial incentive.

2) The referrer MUST be a DCB member and only they receive the financial incentive, NOT the borrower.

3) The person referred cannot already be a member of the Derbyshire Community Bank.

4) A maximum of four referrals can be made by one individual member per YEAR.

5) The loan application will be subject to a credit check and affordability confirmation.

6) The financial incentive will be deposited into a share 1 account within ONE WEEK of the referral and successful loan application being made.

7) Financial reward given is dependent on amount approved. It has been scaled as follows:

APPROVED for up to £750 = £10.00 reward.

APPROVED for £751 – £1500 = £15.00 reward.

APPROVED for £1501 – £2250 = £20.00 reward.

APPROVED for £2251 – £3000 = £25.00 reward.

8) IMPORTANT: Referrals are only available to share via our Online Banking App, this can be downloaded on Playstore or the Appstore @Derbyshire Community Bank

For further information regarding this scheme, please contact our branch on 01332 348 144 or email:

You can also find our latest updates on our Facebook page: @DerbyshireCB