Derbyshire Community Bank

We are changing our name to Derbyshire Community Bank.

Erewash Credit Union has applied to the Financial Conduct Authority to trade under the name of Derbyshire Community Bank.  We have undertaken this change in response to our expansion into Derby City and Derbyshire Dales so that every Member of the Credit Union can relate to the name wherever we operate across Derbyshire.  In addition we have applied to use the words ‘Community Bank’ to reduce the confusion caused by the use of Credit Union and to make it clearer to local people about what we are.

The name change will start to come into effect following our move into Derby City but formally during July.

We’ve had lots of positive feedback regarding the proposed name change however we do appreciate there may be differing views.

Whilst our business name will remain as Erewash Credit Union we will move to the use of Derbyshire Community Bank in all of our work from early July to avoid confusion between the two names.

Please watch out for the changes to our website, branches and materials.