Loan for funeral costs


Loan for funeral costs

Funeral costs vary significantly from one provider to another but the average is around £4,000 which for many would come as an unexpected shock on top of the loss of a loved one, especially if the estate is unable to cover the cost.

Some people are organised for such an event by paying into a funeral plan so that their family do not have the unnecessary worry of suddenly having to find such sums along side the stress of planning the funeral itself.

If your on a low income you may qualify for assistance from the government but there is set criteria to be eligible for help.  Find more details at the government website.

However for others the only other option is a loan for funeral costs.

Costs can be reduced depending on the type of funeral arranged.  For example you could have a ‘direct cremation’, which costs about £1,600, and then organise a ceremony at home. Or you could even arrange the funeral yourself.

Saving for funeral costs

If funeral costs are a concern for you and as yet you’ve made no provision for it, then you could start saving today with a credit union savings account.  Find out more about saving with us here.

Loan for funeral costs

At Derbyshire Community Bank we have been able to help some of our members during these difficult times with loans to help cover the cost.  If you need to apply for a loan then please get in touch and if possible we will try to help you.