Half Term on a Budget

Psst, the May half term is almost upon us, but don’t fear you still have 4 days to get the most of the precious time you get with your children, whilst sticking to a budget.

With thoughts now turning to how you could make this next week memorable, Derbyshire Community Bank has put together a list of events and activities to keep them busy, until you can finally cart them back to school on the 4th of June.

Dino Week (Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE13 9SJ)

The T-Rex and Velociraptors will be out and prowling around at the National Forest Adventure, you will no doubt have a roar-some time.

During Dino Week, your family will get the brilliant opportunity to tame majestic creatures in the dino training shows. Also, if you’re up for the challenge, you can take this further by challenging the fearsome beasts in the Raptor Run. The Raptor Run consists of evading the T-Rex and Velociraptors whilst aiming to retrieve the dinosaur egg. The little ones, if finding the big dinosaurs a little too challenging, can also meet a baby dinosaur.  You can round your day off by having a go at fossil planning, where you’ll be sieving at sand in the hopes of discovering fossils to take back with you! Just imaging all the gloating you’ll be doing when you next see your friends.


The prices, if purchased online, are £11.25 for both adults and children. However, on the door the prices rises to £12.50, unbelievable! You and I both know what that means, put that episode of 13 reasons why on pause, whip that phone out and start booking!


Adventure Farm


Chatsworth (Chatsworth, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1PP)

Chatsworth, in short, has it ALL. You’ll find that no two days at Chatsworth are the same, they always consists of something different. Whether that entails admiring the beautiful seat of the Duke of Devonshire or exploring the grounds, which includes an adventure playground, or simply visiting the farmyard. In addition to this you can go Fly tying, Wool spinning, getting up close and personal with your favourite river creatures, falconry and much much more. You will certainly have a ball of a time. It may be cliché but Chatsworth is truly fun for the whole family.


We will link the price for Chatsworth below as there are many different bands.





Bluebells (Brunswood Farm, Locko Road, Derby, DE21 7AR)

At Bluebells you’ll no doubt have a frolicking time.

This May half term, you can join the team at BlueBells for the first ever Sheep Racing Event! A rather exciting occasion that the whole family can get involved in. It’s a treat for you, your kids and the sheep!

After this you can make your way to the farm and introduce yourself to the rest of the residents, Bluebells prides itself on the diversity of its animals and they look forward to welcoming different wildlife to the farm and you’ll have the pleasure of meeting them all.

If you or your children don’t enjoy the outdoors much, there’s no need to fret, there is an abundance of activities you can take part in indoors. Events such as *drum roll* the BRAND SPANKING NEW indoor Role Play Village.

Both you and your child will get the opportunity to dress up in your finest farming outfit and make your way to Farmer Geoff’s milking Parlour to milk their cows.


Children- £4.50, Adults- £4.50, Under 2’s- FREE, Adult Members- FREE, Child Members- FREE, Carer- FREE (I.D required)