Planning for Christmas

It’s nearly here!

The countdown to Christmas is officially here – only 1 month left to buy all the food, decorations, presents and wrap everything! But do not panic! We’ve devised a short planning checklist featuring some money saving tips for you to be better prepared this Christmas.. and a with a few extra pounds in your pocket!


Christmas is an expensive time of the year, there’s no doubt of that. But planning ahead and working out what you ned to buy and how much you need to spend will save you a lot of stress and money! Why not right down a list of names of everyone you NEED to buy presents for (cross off the people who you aren’t direct family and friends and it wouldn’t really matter if you didn’t buy them a gift).

By planning what gifts you’re buying for who, it makes your time shopping shorter and saves you spending money on those impulse buys!

Homemade gifts

Got to buy your Aunts and Uncles cousins Christmas presents but no idea what to buy them? Why not make them something!

Our favourite idea was to fill an old jar full of weighed out ingredients to make a Christmas chocolate orange brownie! Put a bow and a few ribbons on the jar and you’ve got yourself a tasty, thoughtful and cheap present! Its a win win!


Do your family members live far away and you’re needing to spend their Christmas presents in the post? We all know the price of sending heavy, large parcels through  the post can be expensive, so we have a sneaky solution to this… Buy them a present that is really light in weight! This way, when your parcel is weighed on the scales it will cost you much less to send!


We all love to make Christmas presents look pretty, with glittery paper and one too many bows stuck onto. But buying new wrapping paper and ribbons every year can really add up in costs; why not look in your cupboards and see whether you have any left from last year that you could use. No one will remember what their gifts were wrapped in last year..

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