10 money saving tips this Christmas!

money saving tips

Christmas can be an expensive and worrying time for many. It can be hard to keep track of how much you’re spending and what your spending your money on over the festive period, with what seem like never ending lists of presents, food and decorations to buy all for one day!

But don’t get over whelmed by your expenses this December, we’ve got 10 money saving tips to help you this Christmas period save a few pounds where you can!



Making a list and sticking it to is incredibly useful – you’re less likely to end up spending money on things you don’t need and you’ll have a constant reminder of all the things you need to buy! So you won’t forget you’re Uncle’s Christmas present this year!

     2. PAY DAY

Are you getting paid early in December because of the way Christmas falls this year? If so, why not pay all your bills straight away – gas, electric, water, broadband – so that way you know exactly how much you have left to spend on Christmas presents and you won’t end up getting caught short on your bills.


You’re more likely to easily find discount codes, sale items and the actual item you’re looking for online compared to instore. Shopping online gives you access to comparing prices across multiple shops for the best deal, so why not do all your Christmas shopping online this year?

     4. ‘CLICK & COLLECT’

Paying for delivery once you’ve online shopped can be a pain – it can add up to an extra £6 just on getting it delivered to your house on time! If you’ve got the option, why not choose ‘Click & Collect’; this allows you to have free delivery, and just pick up your item from a near by store, post office or other building! Just make sure you order in time as this option normally does take between 3-10 days depending on where you purchase from.


We’ve all got at least one loyalty card don’t we.. Boots? Tesco? Sainsbury’s? Saving up your points throughout the year can save you a lot money by the time Christmas rolls around! Using up your points at the end of year to buy presents and food can really help out your finances, so make sure you get saving as soon as January rolls around!


Do you normally do your food shop at somewhere like Tesco for Christmas? Why not switch it up and go somewhere a little cheaper but just as good! Aldi offers incredible food and drink options for Christmas but without the price tag!


In a world where social media and technology has never been so present in our day to day lives, there’s no surprise you can find some great deals now on social media. Using the hashtag #MoneySaving on Twitter offers you an abundance of great money saving ideas, discounts and codes and much more to help you save a few pounds over the Christmas period; log on now and have a look!


Are you off to visit family during the festive period and plan on traveling by train? Make sure to book your tickets early! This can save you up to 15% of full price by booking in advance – just what you need around the Christmas period, especially as public transport fares tend to increase during this busy period.

     9. SALES

You can never plan too far in advance can you? Head out to the January Sales after Christmas and bag yourself next years Christmas presents early! We know it sound crazy, but you could get your hands on discounted items such as socks, pyjamas and much more for half the price if you purchase them in the January sales! (Just make sure you put them away somewhere you’ll remember to look when December finally rolls back around)

     10. START EARLY

To finish off our list of money saving tips, we say start saving now! Yes, we sound like we’re crazy, but putting away just a fiver a week from the beginning of January will really add up throughout the year and you won’t have to worry about your finances by the time December rolls back around!

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