How to cut back!

Have you woken up in 2020 with a financial hangover? Many of us will have.

From over indulging in present buying at Christmas, to enjoying one two many boozy nights to celebrate the New Year, this time of the year can leave you feeling worried or anxious about your finances.

And if you’re not in the right financial situation to be taking out a loan, we’ve got some great tips to help you cut back on some of those items you don’t reeaallyy need to help you save a few pounds this year!

1: If you buy a magazine every month, why not just sign up for a monthly subscription! They’re cheaper and most magazines give away free gifts (great to collect and use as stocking fillers at the end of the year

2: Rather  than heading out to the pub for a night with your friends, why not have them all over at your house! Saves money on expensive taxi journeys and buying a bottle of wine in a local shop is much cheaper than whilst you’re out. So swap those nights out for night in!

3: Quitting smoking for the year would save you sooo much money! And not only that, would improve your health too! Hooray!

4: Is your house full of unwanted, old stuff you’ve collected over the years? Have a spring clean this year and get rid of it! Selling old items at a carboot sale or online is fun, helps raise a few pound and empties out your house quickly!

5: Buying numerous different cleaning products is costly, so why not just use one! White vinegar! It’s cheaper and does just as good of a job as the rest.

6: Leaving electrical items on standby can cost an extra £50-£90 a year in bills! So the answer is simple, just turn them off!

7: As it’s still cold outside, you’re bound to have the heating on in the evening. Turning down your thermostat by just one degree can help save you money on your energy bills!

8: Wanting to get your hands on the best selection of reduced items in the supermarket? Heading down to the shops in the evening is when you’ll manage this! So save your weekly shopping trip till the evening to bag yourself a bargain.

9: As petrol prices increase, its best to start skipping using the car for small journeys and instead hop on your bike. Not only does this save your fuel, but gets your active and fit!

We hope these tips help you save a few pound throughout the year!

We’d love to hear if you have any useful advice you could share!

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