How to beautify your garden for less

Time to pretty up your garden!

What time of the year is better to get your hands muddy, grab the tools out of the shed and do some gardening than Summer! And although it’s incredibly pleasing to see the finished results of your handy work, the price tag of new plants and furniture that goes along with the whole process can be slightly off putting.

But keep on smiling, we have some handy tips to help you update your garden for less!


Potted plantsgarden welly

We’re all for recycling here at DCB and ensuring we reduce our waste, especially if it saves us money in the process. Rather than buying expensive plant pots for your garden to put your flowers in, why not use an old Wellington boot! That’s right, grab that old welly out of the garage and give it a new lease of life!

All you need to do take out the inner soles of the boot and drill small holes into the bottom so that water can drain out easily. Then fill the bottom with pebbles to hold the boot down in windy weather, and finally add your soil and flowers! Easy as that!

Not only does this save you money, recycles your old boots, but looks incredibly cool for your garden!



Bird feedersgarden bird

What’s nicer than looking out of your window in the morning, into the garden, to see a buzz of wildlife and birds all living there.

To attract birds to your garden, why not make your own, unique feeder! It saves you money and adds a personal touch to your garden. It could be as simple as super glueing an old teacup and saucer together, tying some string around them and hanging from the tree; don’t forget to fill your teacup full of bird seed!



garden veg

Grow your own

Have you always dreamed of having your own allotment to grow a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs but not got the space to dedicate to it? All you need is a small space to put a trugg and you can plant all the herbs and small vegetables you want! Give it a little-personalised paint job and see your garden discover a whole new lease of life all year round – you get something tasty in return too!



garden fencePaint your fence

Sick of that boring, brown fence looking back at you? Us too! Painting your garden fence a bright, new colour can give your garden a whole new look and in turn make it a much happier place to spend time with the whole family! Our favourite colour to paint it would be purple, but I think we’re a little-biased seeing as it’s the DCB colour!


garden bulb

String lights

After enjoying the garden all day long, there is nothing better than grabbing a few blankets, lighting the tea lights and spending the rest of the evening there too! Our solution to making it even cosier and enjoyable is hanging up fairy lights. We know what you’re thinking, ‘where do you put them’, ‘how do I attach them to the house’; we’ve got a simple and cheap answer – use string! Trap one end of the string in a shut window of your house, and tie the other to the fence. Onto this, loop the fairy lights around the string so they hang beautifully above your heads!

It sounds perfect, can we join?!



So there you go, our simple and cheap ideas on how to beautify your garden this summer without spending too much money.

We’d love to know any other ideas you may have or see any pictures of your own garden and how you’ve transformed it. You can send us your ideas and pictures to:

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