Emergency fund

Emergency Fund

So the big question is do you have a fund in case of emergencies?

When the washer breaks; the cooker goes kaput; the car splutters and breaks down or worse case scenario your made unemployed or suffer illness and lose pay or benefits; do you have an emergency fund that you can fall back on?


Whilst having an emergency fund makes sense, it’s not always that easy to find spare money to set aside but saving is actually a good habit we can all ill afford not to do.  Even if it’s just a little a week, fortnight or month.  As little and as often as you can, makes all the difference.

We can all cut out that extra latte or save money by preparing a packed lunch and instead put those few spare pounds into a jar and soon it turns into that emergency fund.

Alternatively save it into your credit union account and whilst it’s a safety net for you in the event of an emergency, it has a secondary role in providing funds that we can use to lend to others who would otherwise have to resort to less favourable lenders such as loan sharks or expensive doorstep/pay-day lenders.

So make a commitment to start today!

If a jam jar in the cupboard suits you, that’s great, but if you want to open a credit union account then you can join on-line today and start that savings habit.  The other benefit of a credit union account is that you might earn a bit of interest and it’s harder to resist temptation of dipping into your fund if it’s too accessible like a jam jar in the cupboard!!

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You must live or work in Derbyshire in order to become a member with us.