Derbyshire Flooding – Updates and Advice

Financial help is available for people who have been directly affected by recent flooding.

Have you been directly affected by recent flooding around Derbyshire?

Communities affected by flooding

We know this is a very difficult time for residents and businesses who have been affected by flooding after unprecedented rain caused rivers, streams and canals to burst their banks across Derbyshire.

Mental health support

We know how frightening it can be to deal with the threat of flooding or seeing your home or business flooded. It is normal to feel upset, anxious, tired and have difficulty sleeping when our lives are significantly disrupted through events like flooding.

Sadly, it can take a long time for life to return to normal, so if you’ve been affected it can be a good idea to turn to friends and family for support if you are able.

Flood recovery grants

If your home or business has been flooded, you may be eligible for support from the government’s flood recovery fund. The government has announced that money will be made available for residents and businesses that have been affected. Once we have the details we will make our members aware of this as quickly as possible.

Clearing up after flooding at home or a business

You can find advice and information on what to do about cleaning up and returning home after flooding.

Staying safe around water

Please take care when you’re out and about. While flood water is receding in places, many rivers and streams will remain very full and fast-flowing for several days. Dog-walkers are advised to keep their dogs on leads close to water to help keep them safe. Dogs running free risk struggling to slow themselves on slippery banks and paths and end up in deep or fast-flowing water.

Click the Links to Apply for Help with Flooding Costs – Local Council Support

Derby City Council

High Peak Borough Council

North East Derbyshire District Council

Derbyshire County Council