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Derbyshire Community Bank is a credit union, a not-for-profit financial co-operative, owned and controlled by its members.

Our vision is for the Credit Union to offer high quality, fair and community focused financial services for all people living and working in Derbyshire. The Credit Union will combat financial exclusion by working in partnership to provide sustainable access to safe savings and affordable loans for all those living or working in the County of Derbyshire.

Financial Co-operative

As a financial not-for-profit co-operative. Derbyshire Community Bank is ‘owned’ by the 4,000 members who save and borrow with the credit union. Unlike a conventional bank, a Credit Union is run by the people who use it. All of our adult members can vote on decisions at our Annual General Meeting or volunteer for one of our committees or board.

The board of directors are unpaid volunteers and bring their skills and experience to the running of the credit union and ensure compliance with our statutory duties.

We have 9 staff members at our office in Derby who manage the day-to-day operation led by our CEO Phil Cole

We have a great team here in Derbyshire Community Bank & their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. They are the engine that drives the Credit Union machine and everything we strive to do! Meet The Team.


Meet the Board of Directors


Simon Haslam

I first became a member of the credit union back in 2015 – when a friend told me about all the good work that DCB does – and when I retired from full time work at the end of 2020…

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Malcolm Wright, Director for Derbyshire Community Bank


Malcolm Wright

I am a retired qualified Associate Cost and Management Accountant. My career spanned nearly 38 years with a leading UK brewing and pubs company where I held a number of executive roles managing business planning and negotiations.

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Pat Butler, Director for Derbyshire Community Bank

Director & Treasurer

Pat Butler

As a founder member of the Broxtowe and Erewash Credit Union Steering Group I became a Director and helped it grow and evolve to become Erewash Credit Union.

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Phil Fee

I have been employed within the local Cooperative movement for over thirty years in retail food store management positions

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Gordon Thomas Director of Derbyshire Community Bank


Gordon Thomas

I am a Labour councillor on Erewash Borough Council representing the Nottingham Road ward in Long Eaton.

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Derbyshire Community Bank Board Member


Graham Bolton

I worked in the finance sector before leaving to go to University, and then undertook lecturing in Econ…

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Tanya Noon

I worked in the finance sector before leaving to go to University, and then undertook lecturing in Econ…

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Board of Directors

Please get in touch if a Board of Directors role would be of interest to you. This is a volunteer post.


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