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Whatever the situation with your finances, it’s good to know where you stand and that you are making the most of what you have. The health check, a new online money adviser from the Money Advice Service, is for everyone.

The Money Advice Service is an independent advice organisation, here to help everyone understand and manage their money better.

Taking just 10 minutes to answer some straightforward questions on the health check will give you a personalised action plan to help you sort out your money priorities now, and plan for the future whatever your goals may be.

Best of all – it’s free and it’s unbiased.

Click here to take the health check now.


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Citizens Advice provide the advice people need for the problems they face and they provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice for everyone on their rights and responsibilities. Derbyshire Districts CAB provide advice over the phone or at numerous outreach sessions across Derbyshire.

To find out how to contact the CAB, please click here to visit the Derbyshire Districts cab website.


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Thousands of people in Derbyshire miss out on benefits that are theirs by right.

Sometimes the benefits system doesn’t make it easy for you to understand the rules or how to claim what you are entitled to.

Derbyshire County Council welfare rights service can help with advice and can take on any representation that you may need. They deal with welfare benefits and tax credits, and can give advice over the phone about which benefits to claim and how to claim them. They can also send out claim forms and advise on how to challenge decisions, including representing Derbyshire claimants at tribunal hearings.

Click here to find out more about the Welfare Rights Service.



Staff Benefits

Responsible employers are always looking for ways to provide staff benefits to their employees. Financial worries are a huge concern to employers and workers alike. Debt can cause stress and depression which can lead to reduced productivity or even absences.

Staff benefits

Financial health check

Do you know what state your finances are in? If not, get a clearer picture of your financial health with our links to money advice and support. Get to grips with your finances today!

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