Prepare for the Festive season by opening a Christmas Saver!

Hey, guess what?! Christmas Day will be 25th December again this year!

It happens every year, yet it still catches us by surprise. December is likely to be an expensive month, so now is the time to start cutting back a little bit and start saving. The more you have save ready for Christmas the easier your Christmas will be – why not join many of our members by saving regularly with our Christmas Saver?

You can only withdraw Christmas savings between 1st October – 31st January 

If you think things might be a bit of a stretch this year then a credit union Christmas Loan can help spread the cost of Christmas and take care of some of the stress.

The Christmas season can be stressful; family get-togethers, Christmas Day dinner, parties, presents to purchase, entertaining the kids, feeling short of money and bills to pay. The more organised you are then the easier it will be.


Here’s our top Christmas tips!