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Find out when your local Supermarkets offer 25% off all School Uniform, Aldi releases the amazing £5 Bundle plus ways to get Free & Cheap School Uniform All Year Round.

School uniform is undoubtedly the biggest cost associated with sending your children to School. So getting the best value for money is imperative. From Shoes and Coats to Lunch Bags and Underwear, it’s costly to keep the kids kitted out all year round

School Uniform Sale Dates

Here’s How, Where and When to get the cheapest school uniform…

Here’s a bit more information about all the above ways to save on School Uniforms.

M&S 20% off School Uniform

Marks and Spencer’s 20% off school uniform is one of the more popular school uniform events. Shoppers love the quality of M&S uniform, but it can be costly, which is why it’s best to wait to stock up while there’s a discount available.

Tesco 20% off School Uniform

Once per year, in July Tesco offers 20% off all school uniform, including bags, lunch bags and bottles, shoes, underwear and accessories. This deal is available in stores only.

Aldi’s £5 School Uniform Bundle

Once per year, in July Aldi holds a School uniform event, which includes the £5 full school uniform bundle deal. The £5 bundle is suitable for ages 3-11 years and includes two polo shirts, one sweatshirt, and either trousers or a skirt. This deal is available in stores only.

What time of Year Should you Buy School Uniform?

The best time of year to purchase school uniform is in July, during the 6 weeks School summer holidays. This is when offers such as 20 – 25% off ALL their uniform range

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