Debit Card

Young woman withdrawing money from debit card with ATMNo need to carry cash – sign up for a Debit Card

Save yourself time and money by signing up for a cash debit card.

We can transfer your wages, savings or benefits onto the card, saving you from having to come into a branch and paying expensive bus fares.

You can use the card to withdraw your money at an ATM or pay for goods in shops, on-line or to pay your bills.

There are fees with the card but used wisely it could save you money.

Features & Benefits:

  • FREE – pay for goods or bills online
  • FREE – buy goods/groceries in shops
  • FREE – cash back in shops
  • 70p – every time you use an ATM’s (use cash back in shops to avoid this fee)
  • 50p – every time you ask for money to be put on your card (but a lot cheaper than coming in on the bus to take cash out in branch).

Contact us today if you would like to know more about our debit card.

Important information:

You have to be a member of the bank to take advantage of this account.  You must live or work in Derbyshire to be a member.

Further information:




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