Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I apply for a loan?


You can apply for a loan using our online loan application form on our website. All you need to is fill out every box with the correct details and you’ll be on your way!

You can also request for a form to be sent out to your address by ringing us on 01332 348144.


How much can I apply for?


You can apply for a loan from a little as £100 up to £3,000. Your application will then be assessed upon whether you can afford the amount you are desiring, and if not, our Loans Officer will offer you a different amount that they believe is affordable for your lifestyle.


I’m having problems submitting the online loan application form. It keeps getting stuck on the loading page, what do I do?


We’ve realised that if you’re applying for a loan using a mobile device, you may face problems when trying to submit your application. We’ve found that if you switch to a laptop or computer to apply, that your application goes straight through.

Another factor may be that you have not put an answer in all the boxes – please check before you click submit that all the boxes are filled.


How long before I can apply for a top up loan?


You can apply for a top up loan once you have paid off 30% of your current loan.


I have a low credit score, can I still apply for a loan?


Although we do a credit search when someone applies for a loan, we don’t just accept or decline on that alone. We also ask to see one months bank statements and for you to fill in an income and expenditure form as part of your application. We use all this information to make our decisions as we appreciate that each customer will have different circumstances.

So please do not feel put off from applying for a loan because you have a low credit score as we could still offer you one!


Can I still apply for a loan even though I am on benefits?


Of course you can!


Can I still apply for a loan if I have an IVA  or CCJ?


We don’t lend to anyone who is bankrupt, has an IVA, DRO or in a debt management programme.

If you have a CCJ, we will need proof that any recent CCJ’s over £500 are being addressed in order for us to assess you application.


Staff Benefits

Responsible employers are always looking for ways to provide staff benefits to their employees. Financial worries are a huge concern to employers and workers alike. Debt can cause stress and depression which can lead to reduced productivity or even absences.

Staff benefits

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Do you know what state your finances are in? If not, get a clearer picture of your financial health with our links to money advice and support. Get to grips with your finances today!

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