Andrew, Ripley Branch, April 2016

Andrew and his family were living in unsuitable accommodation after being asked to leave their home when their Landlord went into receivership.  They’d had to leave quickly so their Letting Agent found them something to prevent them from becoming homeless but it was completely unsuitable in size and location for his family long term.  The Letting Agent did have another brand new property but it needed a substantial deposit which they didn’t have.  Their Family Resource Worker suggested they contact their local Credit Union to see if they could help with a loan which is exactly what Andrew did.  He’d never heard of a credit union before and didn’t expect to be successful so was delighted when his loan was approved and his family could move into their new home.

Andrew and his wife have six lovely children, aged between three and eighteen, of which four are disabled so they cope daily unspecifiedwith many challenges.  Knowing that each year he can access a credit union loan to give them a better standard of life makes all the difference to him and his wife.

Andrew has been a member for just over four years.  He’s had a loan each year and it funds things like holidays or activities for the children like uniforms for the cadets.  They happily recommended the credit union to their friends when they’ve also got into difficulties and would recommend it to anyone who needs a loan as an alternative to the high cost and illegal lenders.

Andrew and his wife have their own health issues but despite this they provide a loving and well cared for home for their children.  Being able to get the house they now all live in has made an incredible difference to their kids and helped to reduce the pressures slightly on Andrew and his wife.

Sharon Turner, Ilkeston Branch, April 2016

I found out about credit union when it opened in our local sure start centre and it used to be somewhere to save the pennies.

When it moved up to Ilkeston  Co-Op and you had to queue to get your money it was like a big meeting of friends and family.  Myself and my daughter, who is also a member, made many friends waiting in that queue.

sharonI joined as somewhere to save money for unexpected things, having savings meant I could buy a new washer when mine broke not too long ago.

The credit union has been amazing for the families its helped over the years.  I’ve been a member since the beginning and luckily I’ve not needed to ask for credit, I’ve used it to save so it’s been really helpful when I need something unexpected.

Members of my family have used it for loans and it has been a tremendous help in times of need,and hopefully it will continue to be there and support those that need it most.  It’s one of the best things to happen in a long time and I hope to be a part of it for many years to come.

I’ve made friends through it as I’m sure many others have,it’s more like a big family than a bank…

Sebastian Wynne, Ilkeston Branch, April 2016

I found out about the credit union from my mother, after getting sucked in and getting in a bad way with payday loans I finally plucked up the courage to ask my mum for help.  Straight away (after being shouted at) she recommended the Credit Union.  She said they would be happy to help and the staff in the office are nice and would be willing to see what they can do.

She took me down to the office in Ilkeston and I had a quick chat with one of the staff, she was very helpful and gave me all the paperwork I needed to proceed with opening an account and applying for a loan.  I quickly filled this in and took it back into the office.  They made it so easy for me that literally all I had to do was fill in my details and put together my proof of work etc.

To my delight I was accepted for the loan, as soon as the money hit my account I rang up the payday lenders and payed the loans in full and closed the accounts I had with them, so I could no longer use them.   This put all of my debt under one roof, that was easily to manage and that had a very reasonable rates with easy weekly payments to suit me.

I would and have recommended the credit union to friends and family and anyone that is in financial difficulty as they are so helpful, they literally saved me.


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